Hey guys!

I know I haven’t been posting in a while and uh… Im sorry about that.

I just went to the vidcon hosted by Quint and I saw Quint and Nate there!



And yeah, I left cos I had to write this post..

but anyways!

Thanks for reading this post!

(found this signature from 2 years ago)

Pretty signature

Hi…Coding share

Wow… just wow… Can’t believe I haven’t been posting for months. Anyway, back to the topic. Today I’m going to share some of my coding I have done. The website I used is and yeah, it basically has everything and it’s free to make an account. Feel free to look at my creations! And yeah, sorry about the links I’m too lazy to do it lmao.

Exploding Sun:

Drawing cringe:

First program, What’s for dinner( I know it’s cringe that was 2 years ago lmaooo)


Anyway, thanks for being patient and, byeee!

~Joyceolivia ❤ I love you guys


~No title~

Hey guys

I’m very sorry for not posting for 1-3 months (I think)

I’m not interested in Fantage anymore~but I’ll still post about for those people who still like Fantage 😉

I might change into a life blog

Anyways I hope all of you are well and enjoying life

Joyceolivia, I haven’t posted for a while~more like 3 months. I haven’t showed enough commitment so I’m very sorry. I hope that you’ll understand that I’m busy because school is starting soon and yeah…


Reasons why

So.. you’re probably thinking why I haven’t been posting, right? Here are a few reasons:

1: I’ve been on a little trip

2: My birthday has passed and I have loads of homework(well not homework, but work to do in these summer holidays)

3: I’m not interested in fantage that much anymore.

4: I feel like I’m wasting my time sometimes when I can do other important things.

5: I’m addicted to other things like subway surf, coding, computer programming .Haha click on that link to see what it is.

But, what I wanted to tell you most is I’m going back to china for 3 weeks. I probably won’t be checking wp.

Your friend,


Im back

Um, I don’t know where to start.

First off, I’m really sorry I haven’t been posting.  It’s not that I forget to visit wordpress but.. I am too addicted to other things. Even though I’m addicted to Tattered Weave and stuff, I’ll try to post ❤

I’ll see you soon :)))